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Transforming how small organisations get funding

Did you know that 58% of charities have an income of less than £10,000 a year yet between them attract just 0.5% of the total donations and grants that come into the sector? This is largely because few funders offer small grants due to the high costs of administering traditional grant making programmes, plus many donors are unaware of the amazing work of the small organisations on their doorsteps.  These charities, plus many thousands of voluntary groups, are the backbone of our communities yet they don’t require large amounts of revenue to keep going but too often face the biggest barriers to accessing funding.

Do IT Foundation wants to change this by digitally streamlining access to small and micro grants so that they can be distributed in a cost effective way making it easy for small organisations to get the help they need. Our work began in 2018/19 with number of successful pilots and we have since scaled this up to reach many more small organisations that need help. Working in partnership with donors we are opening up new funding channels, delivering small grants at scale with a focus on speed and efficiency. This work is underpinned by our ongoing partnership with Do IT Life utilising their digital grant delivery system which we helped them to build in 2021.


So far we have given over a quarter of a million pounds in small grants to over 200 micro voluntary groups working with corporate and charity partners. If you are a donor or funder and would like to partner with us to reach and support brilliant voluntary projects that are keeping our communities afloat find out more here or get in touch.  

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