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Work with us!

If you are a donor or funder and you want to support small or micro charities and voluntary groups then you've come to the right place. We can work together to design and implement a grants programme that can have a huge impact on the communities in which you work.  Get in touch or read on for more information.

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Working with us is easy. Based on the size and type of your donation we will co-design a grant programme which we will deliver through our digital platform. We can work with your chosen causes and charities or we can help you find new organisations to support - this can be based on location and/or the type of work they do.


We then work with you to design the application process - as simple or detailed as you need - and then promote the grant fund using our extensive networks and the Do IT Life community of 70,000 organisations. We'll also provide you with links so your staff and partners can promote it via your own databases.


When applications come in we verify the organisation's status using the built in ID tools in our platform and then assess the applications based on our mutually agreed grants criteria. If you would like to join in at the assessment stage we can arrange this by giving your team access to a simple scoring matrix via our digital platform.


Once we both agree who to fund we roll out the grants using Faster Payments or a pre loaded Debit Card  (great for funding community groups without a bank account)  or if you prefer we can provide you with a list or organisations to fund directly. And that's it! Once payments are distributed, we will follow up with organisations to encourage them to update the progress of their work via their profile on our platform, which your team can view at their leisure. We can also supply you with summary reports which you can download directly from our platform.

By funding us you can reach thousands of vital community groups across the UK in an easy and highly impactful way. Plus it's a cost effective way to give out grants - as a charity we simply ask for a contribution towards our core costs to administer the fund  (usually based on a small % of the total grant fund)  so that we can continue to champion and support the many small organisations that need our help. To find out more about our charity grant making and how to get involved please get in touch.

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