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How can digital support financially vulnerable people and organisations in a post-Covid world?

Covid-19 has had an enormous negative impact on communities across the country. Nearly 8 million jobs are at risk of permanent layoffs, furloughs or having their hours and wages cut. Half of these losses will affect those on minimum wage, part-time workers and those in the gig economy, putting the most vulnerable, lowest income workers most at risk.

This in turn places a greater demand on charities, government and grant makers to support those facing financial hardship. Grant giving charities have reported up to a ten fold increase in demand for their help yet many are struggling to deliver financial aid at scale to those who need it most, at the speed required.

Funders lack quick, secure and transparent delivery mechanisms to meet this unprecedented demand. Most rely on manual processes that can take weeks to process and many struggle to maintain visibility on how grants are spent, made even more challenging with a marked increase in Covid related fraud since March.

How can digital systems overcome these challenges? Whilst some enable online grant applications and record keeping, how do we ensure we identify the right recipients, ensure funds reach them quickly and are spent for their intended purpose, whilst enabling funders to track impact?

Our CEO Jamie Ward-Smith will chair a webinar on Wednesday 4th November at 4pm that will explore some of these issues and a look at an innovative solution that is being developed by the Do IT Group and Lightning Social Ventures, supported by Do IT Foundation.

Join us and special guests including new Do IT Trustee Nick Mazzei, London Funders CEO James Banks, Turn2Us Director of Innovation Jo Kerr and community activist and former Premier League footballer Moses Swaibu - click here for free registration.

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