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New sector Covid-19 support forum launches

Updated: May 3, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting everyone with charities and voluntary groups feeling the strain like never before. Many are facing increased demands on their services whilst suffering from a drop in donations and many sector staff are being furloughed or adjusting to working from home and being cut off from colleagues.

A group of sector people approached Do IT Foundation to ask for help to set up an online forum to provide a space for charity and voluntary sector staff to come together for mutual support. The result was Voluntary Voice which went live on 1st April and will offer a forum for peer support and access to virtual training and networking events.

Do IT Foundation's founder Jamie Ward-Smith said,

"We are committed to supporting our sector during this challenging time and so we're really pleased to help launch Voluntary Voice which we hope will provide a useful resource for sector staff adjusting to furlough and lockdown."

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